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When choosing your Cornish cottage you need to work out your budget, requirements, ie sea views or pet friendly then decide on a location.

Once you’ve decided on the type of cottage required all you need to do is search, refine and book. Simples 🙂

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Fancy a cosy log fire in your Cottage in Cornwall?
Fancy a cosy log fire in your Cottage in Cornwall?

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Self Catering in Cornwall – Your Cottage Guide

Welcome to Self Catering Cornwall, your guide to Self Catering in Cornwall. We recommend Hendra Paul Holiday Cottages and Select Cornwall for great self catering Cottages in Cornwall. Generations of people will testify that Cornwall is the ultimate place to spend a well earned holiday. Beautiful beaches clean air and a friendly local populace, who could seriously ask for more? Here at Self Catering Cornwall we specialise in bringing you the finest self catering cottages in Cornwall that money can buy. We are a rarity amongst today’s businesses in which we really take a pride in both our properties and the accompanying customer service, Cornish holiday cottages are not just our business but also our passion, no matter how hard you search you will not find a more comprehensive or courteous service. You might be unfamiliar with the ‘style’ of our hamlet name; this is understandable as it’s a traditionally Cornish name and has Celtic origins. The popularity of this Celtic element in England, particularly Cornwall is amply illustrated by the number of Celtic surnames on local and national census’s alike. This is not to say that the only people of Celtic origin have Celtic names, over time originally Celtic surnames have become anglicised beyond all recognition.

Though the majority of these names have an Irish, Scottish or Welsh origin, a significant number also come from Cornwall, the Isle of Man and the more Celtic regions of Northern France. Of all these places of origin the Franco-Celtic names are without doubt the hardest to trace and recognise as these names have probably been in the country the longest. There is a famous Cornish rhyme which contains the line ‘By Tre, Pol and Pen you’ll know Cornish men’ and this is illustrated by some of the place names in the region such as Treyarnon, Polzeath and Penzance. Most Cornish place names are descriptive and reflect the origins of the place. The word ‘tre’ or ‘tref’ actually has Cornish origins and means home or hamlet whereas the Irish ‘treabh’ meaning house, family, tribe can be traced back to the Latin word ‘tribus.’ Many people, not just those originally from Devon or Cornwall, who have Tre, Pol and Pen as a prefix to their surnames, may not be native or Celtic Cornish at all but descendents of workers or landholders that originally came from Normandy. Regardless of the origins of the names from this part of the world one thing can be guaranteed, a fantastic holiday in one of the most beautiful places in the world. One thing that Cornwall is rightly renowned for are family holidays. There really is something for everyone here from fantastic beaches to castles to cream teas, all in all the perfect recipe for a family holiday.

Self Catering Cornwall – The Ideal Holiday Getaway:

There is so much more to Cornwall than beaches and dramatic scenery, attractions and areas of interest include but are not limited to: Industrial heritage, country homes and houses, wildlife, theme parks and of course the world famous Cornish Pasty. Of all Cornwall’s exports the Cornish pasty is without doubt the most famous, from Bodmin to Bombay and beyond you are almost guaranteed to find this cultural delicacy on sale somewhere. Although the authenticity of the Pasty is questionable outside of Cornwall the origins are well known and have catapulted this simple tin miners snack to worldwide acclaim and adulation. The best and original pasties come from Cornwall and to not try this epitome of West Country cuisine during your holiday could be compared to visiting Cairo and missing out on the Pyramids! For countless generations Cornish people have been filling their pasties with ingredients as diverse as fish, fruit and even rabbit, basically any filling that took their fancy. Traditionally speaking the most common filling is beef and potato with a liberal sprinkling of swede and onion and was originally devised as a hygienically transported meal for Cornish tin miners. Although the tin mines have all but disappeared in a working sense at least their famous staple lives on and even thrives. The famous crust on the pasty was ‘designed’ as a means to prevent the miners’ dirty hands from touching the main body of the pasty, in effect a handle.

Hendra Paul Cottages in Cornwall

Hendra Paul Cottages in Newquay

The traditional method entailed placing meat and potato in one end of the pasty and fruit in the other end effectively providing the miners with a two course meal whilst far below the ground. If you would like to try your hand at baking your own from scratch, perhaps self catering in Cornwall is your best choice of action. If this sounds like too much hard work you can always go and buy one for yourself at any number of establishments, these enormously popular creations taste better here in Cornwall than in any other place in the world and many people state that the pasties they consumed whilst on holiday made the trip worthwhile! To sum up, the pasty is an integral party of Cornish culture and has many fans in all corners of the globe. To experience this cultural icon and more, cottage holidays in Cornwall at Self Catering Cornwall, select Cornwall or Hendra Paul Holiday Cottages is without doubt one of the finest ways to do it, overlooking a breathtaking valley above a tributary of the West Looe River, this truly is God’s country. The bustling yet traditional seaside town of Looe is just a short stroll away from some of our holiday accommodation Cornwall and has all the amenities you could possibly require.

Self Catering Cornwall – The Perfect Way To Holiday:

Self Catering Cornwall has cottages, lodges, holiday apartments, holiday homes, holiday chalets and holiday caravans in idyllic hamlets and a true piece of real Cornwall, rolling countryside and a warm family settings are only two examples of what makes our cottages the ideal destination after the 9 to 5 grind of day to day life. The nearest airports are Plymouth and Newquay and connections are available from a number of national airports, if you are coming from further afield, the airports at Bristol and Exeter have a number of international connections. If you wish to really explore Select Cornwalll and the surrounding areas it is recommended that you hire a car, although public transport is available a self drive car will ensure that you get the very most from your visit. At 30 miles, Plymouth is the nearest big city and has wealth of attractions in its own right including Plymouth Hoe and an extensive shopping centre, if you come during the football season you can even attend a game featuring the mighty Greens, Plymouth Argyle! Cities aside, people usually visit Cornwall to avoid or take a break from the urban hustle and bustle that makes up most of 21st century life and in select Cornwall there is no better destination for total relaxation. Besides the bustling seaside town of Looe, the quaint fishing village of Polperro is also nearby, this small fishing village conjures up images of the Cornwall of old and to imagine smugglers risking life and limb amongst the isolated coves is not hard.

Select Cornwall - Cottages in Cornwall

Select Cornwall – Cottages in Cornwall

For those of you who like their countryside and scenery a bit more land based the world famous Bodmin Moor is only a short drive away, also
steeped in history and the subject of Daphne Du Maurier’s most famous novel is Jamaica Inn, although an attraction in its own right, the actual moor is bleak and the subject of a number of ongoing paranormal investigations. A bit further afield are Falmouth and Fowey, these pretty towns are famous for their maritime connections and are more than worth the drive for a day trip. If you do have access to a car, no trip to Cornwall is complete without a trip to Lands End. Situated at the very end of the county, it is the most southerly point in England with dramatic views and an infamously rough coastline; although attractions are limited here the geographical aspect is what draws the vast majority of visitors. Again, if you have access to a car then the near by North Coast of Cornwall should definitely be on your itinary, some good surf and a laid back beach atmosphere are just two of the reasons why this part of Cornwall attracts tourists from all over the world. Your never more than 17 miles from the coast in Cornwall.

Self catering cottages in Cornwall are one of the best kept secrets for generations of families with small children, and here at Self Catering Cornwall we are proud to continue this age old tradition. We continue to attract families year after year through word of mouth recommendations and this is partly due to the wealth of facilities on site. A swimming pool, games room, plays area and tennis and badminton facilities are just a few of the attractions which we believe makes us popular for families. Aside from the aforementioned facilities our most popular attraction for younger guests is our mini menagerie of animals, our shire horses, ducks and sheep provide levels of adulation that the play station and similar consoles just cannot compete with! Another advantage that Hendra Paul Holiday Cottages has over other Cornish cottage holidays in the area is the Porth beach and Newquay, Padstow, Watergate Bay and Perranporth . Situated within a very short stroll of our cottages it offers the perfect opportunity for a drink and a meal without the need to travel anywhere, aside from the cream of local food on the extensive menu they also offer a wide selection of authentic Cornish brewed ales, local cider and a dazzling array of wines. We realise that no two guests are the same or indeed have the same requirements which is why Select Cornwall has pet friendly cottages for you and your loyal companion.

Cornwall and the surrounding area are a canine paradise and provide an ideal setting for well behaved dogs and their owners. Each cottage has its own private garden with access to meadows and an extensive area of woodland. A major selling point which is available for a nominal fee are coal and log fires, the fire will be laid ready prior to your arrival and a generous supply dry logs, kindling and coal will be made available. With regard to the cottages available at Select Cornwall we are sure you will be as enchanted as us. The traditional stone cottages draped in ivy, roses and other climbers represent the ultimate in comfort with picture postcard aesthetic qualities. Although the cottages are traditional in appearance, all cottages are furnished to modern standards with many antiques and include DVD players, dishwashers, microwaves and fully equipped kitchens. Cottages range from one to three bedrooms and come with private lawn, individual parking areas and of course, fabulous views. With a situation such as this and facilities to match they are predictably very popular and we would advise you to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of our business or the attractions on our website please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a family run business and the service you receive will represent this, pick up the phone today and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime at the finest holiday cottages in Cornwall and holiday lodges in Cornwall. Self catering in Cornwall.

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